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Team Coaching

Empower your project teams with the skills to succeed. We believe that at the heart of every successful project lies a high-performing, cohesive team. Our coaching is designed to empower your project teams with the skills, strategies, and mindset needed to conquer change challenges and exceed goals.

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Improve Team Performance!


Solleva ensures your change teams develop the capability needed to achieve project results.  We create proactive, self-managing teams that deliver:


  • Project Readiness: An assessment of organization change readiness that provides the insight to apply multiple strategies for achieving results.

  • Enhanced Stakeholder Management: A deep understanding of stakeholder needs as well as methods and protocols for engagement and communication.

  • Business Readiness: An understanding of requirements to optimize solutions in the context of the organization and the follow-through to ensure the change is integrated and sustainable.

  • Adaptive Planning: A change plan outlining the key activities, timelines, deliverables, interdependencies and accountabilities built with the flexibility to learn and adapt.  The know-how to manage in waterfall and agile environments.

  • Methodology, Tools and Templates.  Navigate change like a seasoned pro with an approach that can be used for future projects.

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