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Learn the 5 Lessons of
Top Change Leaders

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Reach the Heights of Project Success

Do your projects struggle with misaligned expectations, scope creep, poor communication, lack of stakeholder involvement, quality issues, budget overruns, and similar frustrating challenges?

Are you comfortable identifying requirements, building project plans, and managing the day-to-day only to grow frustrated with stakeholders who seem determined to undermine your efforts?

You are not alone!  Executives consider leading change one of the most important aspects of organization life, yet one of the most difficult.  It is essential for success, but requires skills that most leaders do not yet possess -- even experienced program and project managers.

But those skills can be easily learned and help you reduce conflict and resistance, gain sustainable commitment, and become the GO-TO PROJECT LEADER for your organization.

Sign up for this session and learn The 5 Lessons of Top Change Leaders:

  • Identify what makes leading change so challenging,

  • Gain insight from past studies examining the root causes of project failure,

  • Learn 5 actions you can take right now to make a significant impact on your projects.

Take Your Project Leadership to the Next Level

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