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Action Workshops

Accelerate project results by strengthening the ability of your team to execute by using Action Workshops. Our content is focused on the immediate application of learning to current initiatives, so your people not only build capability, they accomplish tasks and deliverables needed for your projects. To make this happen, our workshops are designed to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles and organizational roles and include step-by-step guides, worksheets and templates.



Jumpstart Change: Discovery

Our half-day session summarizes the methodology and provides change leaders with a quick overview of project requirements.

Discovery is designed for practitioners of change management, project managers, work stream leaders, executive sponsors of change initiatives, and other stakeholders leading or facing change. It provides a jumpstart to align your team.


Jumpstart Change: Readiness

A multi-day workshop that prepares project teams to manage change and delivers:


  • A shared understanding of the business goals and vision for the initiative,

  • An assessment of the organization cultural and political context,

  • A detailed stakeholder analysis,

  • Methods and protocols for engagement, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and innovation,

  • The requirements to achieve technical, business and behavioral goals,

  • A firm grasp of the key terms and conditions of vendor contracts, and the resulting obligations of all parties,

  • A Readiness Roadmap outlining the change requirements for the initiative.


Jumpstart Change: Launch

Solleva leverages the momentum established in the Readiness workshop by guiding work stream leaders and teams through detailed project planning.

The planning process will use the technical project plan, the Readiness Roadmap, and Solleva templates as the foundation to identify and construct the activities, timelines, deliverables, interdependencies, and accountabilities that will be integrated into technical project plans.

Solleva offers a variety of prepared workshops focused on more specific needs. We also can tailor an action workshop to your specific needs. Some of our other topics include:

  • Stakeholder Start-Up. Focuses specifically on stakeholder analysis and strategy. Prepares project leaders with the insight and plan to manage stakeholders with strength.

  • Communication Catalyst. Prepares teams with a communication strategy and plan to improve stakeholder engagement and commitment.

  • Leadership Alignment. Designed to align organization leaders and steering committee members around project goals, resources, and other needs to support the initiative.

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