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Our Services

We believe the most sustainable change is led from within. Your critical initiatives need the understanding of your culture and operations only your people possess. But leading change requires different skills than managing regular operations. Solleva provides coaching for change leaders--project managers, change managers, steering committees, and sponsors--to ensure they master the skills required for success. Learn more.

Major change requires teams prepared for the complexities of enterprise-wide projects. Do they understand the strategic goals and expectations of leaders? Are they ready to navigate the stakeholder and cultural landscape? Do they know what to expect from outside vendors and consultants? Are they equipped with the skills to think critically about challenges, design comprehensive solutions, and communicate effectively along the way? Solleva provides team preparation and coaching to ensure your project team is equipped with the mindset, skills and tools for success.  Learn more.

Get a jumpstart on your project success with Solleva's Action Workshops. We use a hands-on environment to strengthen capability. Your team develops skills while completing the essential work of the project. Our workshops will promote collaboration, foster continuous improvement, strengthen communication, and enhance leadership and adaptability. Our emphasis on learning through action makes it a powerful methodology for rapidly addressing complex challenges in dynamic and evolving environments. Learn more.

Solleva offers comprehensive ERP software selection and implementation services to help you understand your unique requirements, identify the right technology partner, streamline the decision-making process and guide you through a successful implementation. We understand the importance of selecting the right technology solution. We also understand the importance of aligning the technology with your operations and culture, and provide support for each element along the way.  Learn more.

Solleva understands the importance of continuous improvement and the complexities of creating sustainable operational change. Whether reimagining workflows, restructuring teams, redefining roles, or fostering a culture of innovation and agility, our approach ensures your initiative achieves lasting commitment and results. Learn more. 

Don't let project challenges define your success. Solleva's project remediation services can propel your project toward its full potential. They are designed to get your project back on and rebuild the confidence of stakeholders. We don't just fix the current issues – we instill a culture of continuous improvement, preparing your team to navigate future challenges with resilience and adaptability. Learn more.

Specialized Project Expertise

Change may be a constant, but major projects are not. As a result, your organization may require short-term resources to fill your capability gap. Solleva can supplement your team with experts including change management, project management, business process improvement, organization and role design, communications, training and more.  Learn more.

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