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ERP Selection and Implementation

Solleva provides an independent perspective on ERP technology and the requirements to implement it successfully. We understand that digital transformation is more than just the adoption of technology. It is a disruptive force that impacts every aspect of an organization. That's why we place your business and operation at the center of our approach. We not only ensure you have the right technology, we make sure your business transforms to so you will achieve sustainable results.

Operational Assessment

Begin with the end in mind

Our approach starts by learning about your business so we can understand your technology needs, your operational goals, and your unique requirements for successful implementation. We examine how you use technology, the information you need to make decisions, and the way your work gets done, start-to-finish. We look at what's working and what you want to improve. Also, we learn what skills you have and what skills you will need for both the implementation and beyond. This in-depth assessment helps us the best vendors for your proposal process (RFP) as well as what you will need to do to prepare for a successful implementation.

Selection and Preparation

Manage the RFP process while preparing for implementation

Once we understand your requirements, we help you select the best technology to support your business. Whether you are replacing an outdated ERP solution, multiple systems, or specific modules, such as customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HRMS/HCM), payroll, supply chain management (SCM), or others, Solleva's selection approach will help you find technology and implementation partners to meet your requirements and budget.

And since we know that project success is about more than technology, we help you prepare for an effective implementation. We establish the project team and decision-making protocols, identify resources and backfill requirements, train your project team for success in their role, and get a jump on future state improvements required for better project decision-making. 


Achieve an integrated business transformation

Whether your team is new to ERP or brings a variety of past experience, Solleva supports your implementation with the expertise you need--from project and change management to technology and functional capability. We act as an extension of your team to make sure your business objectives are at the heart of the effort. 


We also bring proven methodology to help you integrate big-picture planning with detailed tactics that support a smooth transition for your people and your business.  We guide the business transformation to make sure the technology supports improved operational performance.  

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